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All Enquiries: 0419 664 438

Venue address: 70 Dow Street, South Melbourne
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Covid Compliance: QR and Kiosk Check-Ins, social distancing, temperature checks, sanitization on arrival and indoor-masks please!

The Party Room for Kids is Melbourne’s premier kids party venue!

The Party Room for Kids in Melbourne is the ONLY one of its kind in Victoria! We really mean this! It is unique, glamorous, theatrical with time tested cool themes. With at least a dozen stunning themes to choose from, including snow queen with actual snowfall on arrival, mermaid with large opening glowing shell, superheroes with galaxy night sky and dinosaur jungle with 4.5m high dinosaur, this is the place to impress your little child on that special day! And then of course the little and big guests too! For eight years, we have entertained thousands of children and they keep coming back! More importantly, we take the stress of having a great birthday party right out of your hands! We do it all! You want that great cake? We do it! And the catering? Yes, that too!

How big?

Our venue is best described as a medium size venue and has a maximum GUEST capacity for 45 people. So we are not super large however we are not small either! These guest capacity limits are subject to COVID rules and regulations (Victoria).

Our mini dining table seats 25 children maximum, and this number as a maximum allows the best party experience.

Is the 45 maximum guests negotiable?

Unfortunately not as this number has been imposed for safety reasons. Customers are reminded to limit guests to maximum 45 including children. This is enforced mainly for the safety of all concerned in particular children at the venue. As crowds in excess of 50 in total could create a safety hazard, we kindly request guests to limit their parent numbers on the day.

Please also note that should you wish to have a party with say 30 adults and 15 children, adults do take up more space than little ones and the venue will be a little tight.  We are essentially a children’s party venue, which can also accommodate adults.  We are not a venue for adult party gatherings and if you think you will have a lot of adults at your party, it may be best to seek an alternative venue or alternatively on the day limit the no of parents to one per child.

Sensational entertainers, superb hospitality staff and a cake chef to delight with delicious themed cakes – what more could you ask for? Our magnificent venue has a maximum capacity of 45 guests including children and adults. With pre-approval we will consider 50 guests. This has to be pre-authorized and only available under exceptional circumstances. We reserve the right to turn away guests exceeding 45.


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