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The Party Room for Kids Terms & Conditions

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At The Party Room for Kids, there are some rules and conditions we would like to tell you about. In booking with The Party Room for Kids you are confirming you have read, understood, agreed and accepted these terms and conditions. Terms and conditions are stated on the page titled “The Party Room for Kids Terms & Conditions” and elsewhere in all other pages on this website.

All information on this website is absolute and over-rides any information, terms and conditions, claims, posts, references and feeds appearing outside of this website. Content in social media, marketing material and external advertising media are subject to this website.

The whole website is taken to include all the terms and conditions collectively and no one website page speaks for every term and condition.

You as the “Customer” or “Hirer” is agreeing to have understood and accepted the particular terms and conditions which if not stated on this page, then as stated elsewhere in the pages of this website as it applies to your particular booking circumstances.

If any of the terms and conditions in this website are not clear, then please call us and we are happy to assist: 0419 664 438.

Food & Cakes

The food for kids and adults must be purchased in house but the cakes and party bags maybe sourced from an external third party. However, we require that cakes and food sourced externally are prepared to commercial standards suitable for consumption paying close attention to the particular dietary and allergy requirements of all your guests. The Party Room For Kids shall not take any responsibility for risks associated with “Not Fit For Consumption” food and cakes brought in to the venue by the Customer (Hirer) or their guests (from outside).

Cake Shop

Any purchases made online at the Cake Shop is for pick up only at 70 Dow Street, South Melbourne 3205, unless prior arrangements have been made otherwise, such as delivery to your shipping address. The Party Room Cake Shop is not a street retail shop, hence your orders are not available for instant pick up. Essentially we are a custom order online shop with lead time of between 5-7 days. You need to place your orders latest by Monday 5pm for pick up/delivery in that week on Friday, Saturday and or Sunday.  Full payments must be made before-hand online using our shopping cart in order for your order to be processed. If you have placed a paid-order but need to make any last minute changes such as delivery dates, cake design and or change flavours, notify us by Tuesday 12 pm (in the week your cake is due) by an email to: party@thepartyroomforkids.com.au or if your change is urgent, contact us at: 0419 664 438. Please quote Order No.

Special dietary requirements: At the time of placing the order, there is a special remarks box to state your special dietary requirements.

Order cancellations: Your order may be cancelled by Tuesday 12 pm (in the week your cake is due) for a refund of 80% of your paid amount. Cancellations requests made after Tuesday 12pm (in the week your cake is due) will result in NO refund. This is non negotiable.

Damage or unsuitable for consumption: You will assume full responsibility for your cake immediately upon pick up or taking delivery. Thereafter any damage or changes to the condition of your cake will not be the responsibility of The Party Room For Kids.


Please note that as a condition of our Council permit and our close proximity to local residents, there is no stopping out the front of our venue for drop offs and pick ups at any time. This has been imposed by Council and must be adhered to by you and your guests.

To assist with parking, your enclosed invitations detail parking instructions. We also have a traffic controller onsite who will direct cars to appropriate parking areas in Cecil Street. Our traffic controller will also assist with delivering presents and boxes to your car after the party.

Venue Size

Please remember that our venue is licensed for a maximum of 45 guests in all including kids and adults. Please respect this capacity.

Please note the recommended number of children is 25, however if you have one or two more children over, please let us know. The ‘Dinosaur Jungle’ theme also includes our large inflatable dinosaur, which reduces the venue space within. Please ensure that children numbers and total guest numbers for this theme are not exceeded beyond what can be reasonably accommodated.

If the total guest number is greater than 45 people within the room, extra adults will be asked to move out into the foyer area. The staff also may request that some adults leave the premises and return later. This is a legal requirement for safety reasons. There are cafes and markets nearby at which adults can reside until party conclusion.

Party Seating

The Party Room for Kids has a mini dining table, which seats a maximum of 25. The mini dining table is ideal for children of ages 6 years and under. If you have one or two children over the 25, we can ‘make-do’ by adding one or two ottomans to the table. Over the age of 6 years we use our ‘boudoir’ cushions and dining is buffet style for children.

There are approximately 10 ottomans and stools within the venue for adult seating. An adult size over 10 people is standing room only.

Party Booking Payments

A deposit of 50% of venue hire price is required to confirm your booking ($495 for 1.5 hour and $595 for 2.0 hours). The balance 50% payment and all other charges are due for payment by Wednesday 7 pm in the week of your party. An automated payment invoice will be sent to you on Tuesday when all party orders are finalized. You may alternatively, go online and use our shopping cart to finalize your order and pay online via our very secure payment gateway – PayWay (Westpac Bank product).

Party Booking Cancellations

Please email us if you need to cancel your booking. You may alternatively reschedule your party:

1. Any cancellation request made within 1-14 days of your party date will incur a fee equivalent to your deposit ($495 or $595).

2. Any cancellation request made within 14-28 days of your party date will incur a fee of $50.

3. Any cancellation request made outside 28 days of your party date will incur no fees.

4. You are entitled to a full refund if your party is IN the Lockdown date (Pandemics). You may reschedule your party at no charge.

5. You may reschedule your booking if the request is outside of 7 days of your party date, but will incur a reschedule fee of $50. No rescheduling allowed if the request is within 7 days of your party date. This is the same as party cancellation and deposit will be forfeited.


Please arrive no earlier than 10-15 minutes of your party start time. Please do not arrive earlier than this time as our staff are busily focused on resetting the venue for you and your guests. You will be given access to the MAIN ROOM only at the “Start Time” of your party.

Responsibility for Children & Guests

The wellbeing of children and guests attending The Party Room for Kids is the responsibility of the Hirer and parents/adults of children attending the venue.

Children of age 3 years and under must have a guardian or parent stay with them throughout the duration of the party.

Note that for parents wishing to drop off their children, The Party Room for Kids is conveniently located nearby to local cafes and South Melbourne Markets. Please note that while our staff are Working with Children checked we are not a childcare facility and parent’s dropping off their children must accept responsibility for doing so.

Children must be escorted to toilets by a Party Room for Kids representative or a responsible adult as designated by the Hirer.


While The Party Room for Kids is a nut-free zone, management of children’s allergies is the responsibility of the Hirer. The Party Room for Kids accepts no responsibility for children eating food they may be allergic to during a party. Parents of children with allergies must stay during the party duration and oversee this process.


The Party Room for Kids accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to any person, personal equipment, belongings, accessories or merchandise left on the premises prior to, during or after the function. The Hirer indemnifies The Party Room for Kids against any such claim, action, loss or damage.

Damage to The Party Room for Kids

Any damage to The Party Room for Kids’ equipment, theming/decorations or facilities incurred during a party is to be paid by the Hirer.


It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure all personal belongings of all the guests, presents and gifts are collected at the end of the party and removed from the venue. The Hirer indemnifies The Party Room for Kids against any claims, losses or damage to presents and gifts.

Lost Property

Lost property will be held for 24 hours only and then discarded if unclaimed.


The Party Room for Kids is strictly a non-smoking venue. The Party Room for Kids reserves the right to remove persons from the room and or close down the function if smoking occurs within the premises.


The Party Room for Kids is an events/function venue and as such it is legally bound to ensure no patrons are standing in close proximity to the venue (e.g. outside, across the road, Napier Place or in laneways) either chatting, smoking or drinking coffee. Should patrons be loitering outside the venue they will be ushered either inside or away from the venue.


The Party Room for Kids does not have a liquor license. As it is primarily a children party venue, we do not serve liquor.

Issues Beyond Our Control

The Party Room for Kids Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel parties at any time for any reason. Examples include but are not limited to building damage through weather, fire or electrical malfunction or technology issues with The Party Room for Kids’ online booking system. The Party Room for Kids accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to any person, equipment or merchandise as a result of a cancellation. The Hirer indemnifies The Party Room for Kids against any such claim, action, loss or damage.

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