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Venue address: 70 Dow Street, South Melbourne
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Covid Compliance: QR and Kiosk Check-Ins, social distancing, temperature checks, sanitization on arrival and indoor-masks please!

How big is your venue?

Our venue is licensed to hold 45 guests. We recommend a mix of 25 kids & 20 adults or 20 kids & 25 adults. Children under age one are not counted. Any child over the age of one is counted.

What is the maximum number of children?

25 maximum. We have a mini dining table with a maximum of 25 chairs, which is ideal for children 6 years and under. For children 7 years+, we provide buffet dining with children seated on boudoir cushions.

What about adults? Is there seating for them?

The ideal number of adults at any party is 20 with a maximum of 25. There is approximately 15 chairs within the venue for adults wishing to stay with the remainder having standing room only. We can accommodate some extra adults as long as the overall party size including children does not exceed 45.

We recommend one adult per child. Of course, the birthday child brings both her parents and the rest of the family.

What are the best children ages for your venue?

3-12 years. Although we do host ages 1 and 2, sometimes the adult numbers may not be suitable to your requirement.

What party themes do you provide?

How much is a party and what is included?

Party Package is $990 (1.5 hour party) and $1,190 (2 hour party) for the complete ‘party experience’, regardless of the number of children. This includes our fully themed venue including all props and decorations, two costumed entertainers, three hospitality staff, management of the party running order, face painting/face gems/tattoos, karaoke, party games with prizes, bubbles and snow, invitation cards and standard cutlery. This fixed package price however does not include food (kids and adults), cakes, party (Lolly) bags and photography services. These are extras and are on top of the fixed package price.


Cakes, cupcakes, cookies, food catered for kids and adults, unlimited coffee & tea, party (Lolly) bags and photography services.

Click here for party inclusions.

Does the $990 venue fee include any food?

No, the food, cakes and coffee are separate and is an addition to the Party Package fixed fee of $990. We may reduce the booking fee during promotions and this discount comes off the final payment at the time of finalizing your bill. In order to secure a booking, jump in online, complete your booking registration, pay the deposit of $495.00 (half of fee) and you are all set!

At The Party Room for Kids we do not pretend to be anything but amazing. We are unique and when you book with us you are very well looked after. Everything from A-Z is done for you. You are not required to do anything except to book, finalize your numbers, select your food options, settle your final invoice and then turn up on the big day! All your worry, anxiety and stress of sourcing catering, party accessories and coordinating all arrangements are taken away from you. You do nothing! We host the party on your behalf! We manage everything!

At The Party Room for Kids you are paying for a complete party experience in our unique venue with entertainers and staff on hand to manage your every need – you do not lift a finger.

Why are your parties only 1.5 hours?

1.5 hours is the perfect length of time for children to enjoy the excitement of a party. After 1.5 hours, children’s energy tends to wane and they can get tired. 1.5 hours ensures children leave on a high!

If you really want to run a two hour party, you can do so at 4.00pm onwards on any day. Two hour parties will incur an additional fee of $200 inclusive of GST to cover the cost of 5 staff being extended for an additional half hour.

Is the price less if I have less kids?

The venue price of $990 is fixed regardless of how many children attend as the full party experience is still provided. However, your catering can vary depending on the number of kids, adults, cake and food options. We have a wonderful selection of themed cakes and a mouth watering selection of hot and savory food.

What is the Booking Cancellation fees? Or am I allowed to reschedule my booking?

Please email us if you need to cancel your booking. You may alternatively reschedule your party:

1. Any cancellation request made within 1-14 days of your party date will incur a fee equivalent to your deposit ($495 or $595).

2. Any cancellation request made within 14-28 days of your party date will incur a fee of $50.

3. Any cancellation request made outside 28 days of your party date will incur no fees.

4. You are entitled to a full refund of all monies paid if your party is IN the Lockdown date. You may reschedule your party at no extra fees.

5. You may reschedule your booking if the request is outside of 7 days of your party date, but will incur a reschedule fee of $50.

Can I bring my own catering into the venue?

In order to maintain food health and safety standards we do not allow external catering (food for kids and adults) to be brought in to the venue. You may bring in your cake, however The Party Room For Kids will not take any responsibility for the health, dietary and allergic standards of your cake. We have a great range of catering available for the children and adults and beautiful delicious cakes made fresh at the commercial kitchen on site. We also offer party (Lolly) bags preparation and photography.

 BYO cakes incur a handling fee of $29. This is to cover the cost of cutting, serving, candles, dessert plates and spoons.

Do you serve alcohol?

No. As this is mainly a children birthday party venue, we do not serve alcohol in the premises. However, there are some excellent bars within a short walking distance.

I would like to bring some of my children’s favourite songs, is that OK?

Of course it is! Bring your iPod, iPhone or whatever and we would be delighted to play your favourite tunes. Alternatively, simply indicate specific songs that your child would like and we will download any we do not already have.

Where is The Party Room for Kids located?

We are at 70 Dow Street, South Melbourne, 3205. Our venue is located off Cecil Street, near Park Street.

Where can I park?

There are free 1-2 hour parking slots right around the streets nearby the venue. Sundays are unlimited parking.

Due to Council regulations there is strictly no parking on Dow Street itself, and strictly no standing out the front of our venue. Convenient all day weekend parking (with no payment) is located on Cecil and Napier Streets. During the week, two hour parking restrictions apply.

How do I check if a party time and date is available?

Please use our Party Times Availability Checker to see if a date and time is available.

Can you hold a tentative booking for me?

Unfortunately no. All of our bookings occur online and it is upon payment of a deposit of $495.00 as part of the venue price that your party booking will be locked in to our party diary.

I would like to book a party, what do I do now?

Please book online at You will be requested to pay a deposit of $495.00 (or $595 for 2 hour party) at which point your party will be locked into our party diary. ‘The Party Room for Kids’ branded digital invitations will be sent to you by email and or text and you will be able to purchase your cake and catering options online at any time leading up to your party. The remainder (final payment) of your party payment will be requested in the week leading up to your party and must be paid any time by the Thursday, latest, before your party.

Can you create a theme for me?

Yes we do accommodate new themes. We adapt our existing settings to match the new theme. If your request is a unique theme, then we may charge a fee. Please note that the cost of purchasing costumes and new decorative elements for a theme is costly and can vary from $100-$500.

We look forward to seeing you at The Party Room for Kids!

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