Party Running Order

Our parties are 1.5 hours long, which is the perfect party time frame for children of all ages for momentum and great party energy.

Children’s energy levels and attention spans are vastly different to adults. Ten minutes which seems to zip by for an adult is like an hour to a child (…are we there yet?)! There is also so much going on in one room – lighting, theming, music, entertainment, party games – and after an hour and a half children’s energy levels begins to wane. Our parties ensure your children leave on a party high!

All of our parties follow a general format and games and activities are gender neutral so that both boys and girls have a great time. Here’s what happens:

15 Minutes Pre Party – Your Arrival

Warm welcome from a Party Room Host who will also ensure your guests are directed to The Party Room foyer and welcomed on arrival

2-5 Minutes Pre Party

The birthday child and family will be taken into The Party Room to meet party entertainers and to take some pre-party photos.

Room Reveal and Party Start!

We love a bit of theatre at The Party Room for Kids and there is nothing like a room reveal with music of your stunning chosen theme to wow your guests! Additional special effects are snowfall (for Snow Queen theme) and bubbles (for Disco and Mermaid themes).

First 15 Minutes – Welcome to The Party Room!

At The Party Room for Kids we believe children should always be entertained. Little party guests are whisked away to choose from multiple activities – face painting, face gems, glitter nails or tattoos while also trying their luck at our spinning wheel with prizes from our treasure chest. Note that any child missing out on face painting during this time will be invited to do so later in the party.

Additional games for boy parties are our dunking machine with ball and target which drops a bucket of silver sparkles (not water!) on children’s heads!

Big guests are invited to complimentary lattes and cappuccinos.

15 Minutes into Party – The Party Room Magic Show!

Children are gathered and seated for The Party Room for Kids’ magic show! The birthday child will be invited to participate in magic activities if they wish or alternatively a friend may participate.

Note that for disco parties the Magic Show is replaced by warm up dance games, including learning funky dance moves and dance competitions.

Food service for adults commences.

30 Minutes into Party

Time for some party games, namely musical statues and musical cushions, games both girls and boys love.

45 Minutes into Party – Party Food Time

Children 6 years and under are seated at our long dining table with mini chairs (maximum seating 25), while older children experience boudoir seating on our party room cushions and buffet style dining

60 Minutes into Party – More Party Activities

After dining, there are a range of party activities depending on the party theme and the “mood” of the party and interests of children.

Here are some of the activities we do:

Karaoke – everyone has a chance to “shine” with mikes under the lights! Children are invited to sing in groups to ensure everyone has a go. Applies to Disco and Snow Queen themes and other themes if the birthday child is interested – leave it to our entertainers, they will ask and provide.

A dance with The Party Room Mascots – “Buzzy Bee” (for fairy parties) or “Sebastian the Shrimp” for mermaid and pirate parties

More dance games – e.g. “4 stations”, a Party Room classic

75 Minutes into Party – Birthday Cake Time

Children gather to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday child. Family photo shots are taken and while the cake is being cut, children have a grand finale dance competition. Parents are also encouraged to have a final boogie! Children then return to the dining table or cushions to eat their cake.

85 Minutes into Party – Party Farewell

After lots of party activities, it is time to say farewell. Lolly bags or giveaways are handed out with the help of the birthday star of the day.

If you still are keen on a longer party, we provide the option for two hour time slots at 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays only. We do not provide two hour time slots at any other time as it overlaps into other party sessions. Two hour parties are extended by extra party activities and games.

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