Covid Compliance and Safety Plan

Covid Compliance Officer : 0451 631 510

The Party Room For Kids practices full compliance with Covid regulations currently in force!

(This notice is effective as of 18 October 2021)

A Covid Marshall will assist with check in when you arrive at the entrance!

Customers and guests are requested to comply with Department of Health directives:
1. Check in with Victorian QR Code using your mobile app.
2. Or check in on the Kiosk supplied by the venue.
3. Or Write your contact details on the manual sheets at the entrance.
4. Vaccination requirements for indoors which is presently fully vaccinated guests (adults) only.
5. You may be temperature checked.
6. You will be wearing a mask (adults only) upon entry and at all times except when drinking and eating.
7. Maintain social distancing!
8. Respect capacity rules – Capacity numbers are subject to density rules on your party day.
9. The staff reserve the rights to turn away any guests not in compliance.

Or call us for assistance:


Booking and sales: 0419 664 438

Event manager :     0413 893 700

Admin:                     0451 631 510

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